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There are two sides to the Interject business, one is the fuel additives for petrol and diesel engines, engine oil and coolant flushes, and secondly, the diagnostic equipment and chemicals used in conjunction with this equipment for the workshop technician.

The Inter-Ject fuel tank additives and diagnostic equipment are the solution to all fuel system faults and problems. It is unlike any other system available on the market place. Inter-Ject is the only system that treats the entire fuel system from tank to combustion chamber.

In all hydrocarbon fuels, (petrol, and diesel), small proportions of Sulphur Dioxide are present. When Sulphur Dioxide comes into contact with moisture, unavoidable in any fuel system, they combine to produce minute quantities of sulphurous acid. This causes formation of corrosion, resin, and carbon. Inter-Ject chemicals neutralise acid, suspend water, and remove resin and carbon. Restricted airflow, due to resin and carbon, is the single most important reason for lack of engine performance. The Inter-Ject system allows the technician to turn a normal tune into an environmentally friendly tune, which reduces vehicle emissions.

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