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Executive Summary

Inter-Ject International Pty Ltd, is a privately owned Australian company, whose prime focus is the manufacture and marketing of:

a) fuel system diagnostic equipment, and
b) solvents for the automotive fuel and coolant systems.

Inter-Ject International is driven by its Managing Director, Peter McGregor, who has spent his working career involved in the motor industry. Peter’s passion for the industry and an inherent desire to seek reductions in vehicle emissions has led Inter-Ject into an award winning export company.

With the amount of vehicles on the road, most countries are beginning to enforce higher standards of vehicle emission control and international standards require vehicle emission testing enforcing greater reductions in vehicle emissions. Anti-pollution laws currently being introduced overseas make it more complicated and expensive for conventional tuning methods to satisfy required standards. Inter-Ject equipment and chemicals are used to optimise engine performance which meet the requisite standard.

The Australian made products are distributed from our premises in Cleveland, Brisbane. The product now boasts a distribution network throughout Australia, America, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, and South Africa. Inter-Ject’s sales and service for the European market is carried out by our German wholesaler in Munich. Inter-Ject’s wholesalers are presently marketing the Inter-Ject products in Cyprus, England, France, Holland Iran and Turkey.

The Inter-Ject fuel servicing and diagnostic equipment is the solution to all fuel system faults and problems. It is unlike any other system available in the market place. Inter-Ject is the only system that treats the entire fuel system from tank to combustion chamber. The Inter-Ject products have become the bench mark for equipment and chemicals that give up to 25% reduction in vehicle emissions as endorsed by Volvo Europe and the German Federal Government, which awarded Inter-Ject with the prestigious “BUNDES AWARD” for its products in ‘Technical Excellence” and “Innovation” and acknowledges the equipment and the environmentally friendly chemicals, which are the two major components of Inter-Ject International Pty Ltd and are also unique to Inter-Ject International. The Bundes Award was testimony to the Inter-Ject Australia team and the Inter-Ject Germany team’s hard work and dedication to the automotive industry.

In 2001, the United States Environmental Protection Agency approved the Inter-Ject Petrol and Diesel additives for use in the US, under strict guidelines, which has led to greater export capabilities which have since been maximised by Inter-Ject International.

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